"We were lucky enough to meet Emily shortly after my 5 year old son was given his ASD diagnosis.

It was a time when we felt lost, anxious and terrified for his future.  We really connected with the concept of RDI, everything Emily taught us just made perfect sense.  Emily is patient, considerate and positive and we will be forever grateful for her help in giving us a better understanding of our son and the journey we are on with him.”

Liz O’Donnell 

Mother to 3 & completed Program Connect in 2016

”I had the pleasure of having Emily in our Advanced Relationship Development Intervention® Certification Course 2015. She was a sharp, confident, caring and intuitive trainee. Emily showed confidence in her presentation of case study, and she showed an excellent ability to guide the families she worked with. She is a great addition to the special needs community and the RDI program!”

‪Maisie Soetantyo

Director of RDI Professional Certification Training
South East Asia at RDIconnect

“Since meeting Emily in 2104, she has been instrumental in bridging my own mindset from feeling stagnated professionally to finding a positive and powerful personal flow in how I move myself forward. Emily is a beautiful human being and I would recommend her service to any parent seeking to understand more about neurologically based developmental challenges and the guiding relationship.

‪Michelle Wright

Founder of Connecting Young Minds

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