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I’m a former teacher, circle holder, parent coach and motherhood support practitioner passionate about transforming the way that we as mothers meet ourselves, and therefore raise our children. I support mothers and families who feel disenchanted with the modern parenting paradigm - those seeking a path of connection through the chaos, and those who wish to find a path of motherhood that includes and honours all of the big emotions and imperfect edges that make us human. As a person, I'm a recovering people pleaser, a curious observer of nature and humans and a life-long learner - on my own neverending journey to find more connection, expression and clarity amid the chaos of raising small humans in this strange old world. For as long as I can remember, I have loved observing and working with children. The way they move through the world - so free and uninhibited - and the way they are connected with their bodies and their needs always felt so compelling to me. Wanting to support them, I followed the path I thought best and became a teacher. I loved the children I worked alongside but along the way realised that teaching within the formal education system wasn’t for me. I wanted to unequivocally support children to follow their unique passions. I wanted to embrace and support their full emotional expression. And I wanted to above all else protect that fantastical wholeness I had observed in those quiet moments of research. I started supporting families of neurodivergent children and realised that I had a knack for listening, reflecting and supporting parents who were feeling lost or overwhelmed. I learned a toolkit of tools (many which I still teach and use to this day) to help parents not only meet their children, but to also meet their own emotions, needs and desires as well. It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I really realised, however, the pitfalls of our modern parenting paradigm that upholds a fantasy of perfection and minimises challenge and emotional discomfort. Torn between what felt right and what I was told was the right approach, I fought furiously to follow the rules and find a sense of control. I repressed what I was feeling, wanting to maintain the facade ….. Until I realised it was serving neither me or my children. I started connecting with more like minded folks - going to circles, getting my own support networks. I started to sift through a lifetime of pleasing others and started to get clear on what was important to me, my family and my unique children. I started applying the tools that I’d been using in my work with families for myself and allowing more of my emotions to be held, acknowledged and then transformed. And more than any parenting book or podcast or workshop that I’d ever attended, it was this quiet dedication to my own journey, my own expression, my own unfolding, that created the greatest shift in my capacity as a parent. Now, I love supporting mothers like you who feel overwhelmed, burnt out or confused. Through circles, nature-based play groups, workshops and one-one support, I aim to support you to find more aligned and attuned ways to be first with yourselves and also with your children, offering empathy, connection and humour along the way. I do this not as an expert, but as a companion, walking alongside you. Knowing that the true wisdom has always resided within you. Mothers I work with tell me that they feel seen, validated, inspired and connected from this work - but perhaps when we sit down for a cuppa, you can tell me how it feels for you. I look forward to hearing your story, in good time. And reflecting back all the magic already within.


Grow Together

For the longest time, I yearned for a space where I could show up for connection and learning in nature with my kids. A space where I would be welcomed exactly as I was – and where me and my children would be allowed to express ourselves and follow our curiosity unbound by structure and rigidity.

Now, I've created a space that I yearned for all of those years. And I'd love to welcome you to it. 

We Begin February 7th. 

Individual Support

I support mothers to find a unique path of parenting that feels more aligned in transformative individual sessions.

Support includes 1 x 60 minute online session + 30 days of voice messaging support. 

AUD 111 

Image by Melissa Brown


"Afterwards I felt so much more present with my son. I was calmer and able to be here for him in a way I hadn't been whilst I was holding stress in my body"

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